Glow in the dark pigment , Glow Powder 2.2 lb

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Glow In The Dark Powder Pigment 

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This glow in the dark powder aso called invisible or neutral is 100% pure made from rare earth minerals

Neutral off white, under regular light, is available in 3 glow colors:




Green is the brightest, followed by Aqua and Blue. These charge the fastest, glows the longest and brightest. The natural green is so powerful that the human eye can still see it glow in a pitch-dark room after 24 hours. Aqua and Blue glows for up to 12 hours.

Use the above selector to choose your color.

These powders have 2x longer lasting glow. The pigment  can be charged unlimited times.


- This craft pigment is ideal for mixing with epoxy, slime, nail polish, glue, silicone rubber, ceramics, plastic resin, and water based mediums like acrylic paints. This powder pigment can be used for DIY crafts, fine arts, nail art, party décor, and other decorations.
EASY & SAFE - Just add to you preferred medium and have fun,made from naturally occurring, Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-radioactive alkaline earth elements - these are far superior to zinc sulphide powders.

Do not ingest or inhale
HOW TO USE- The vibrant pigment powder glows in the dark after being exposed to direct sunlight, indoor lighting, or for a more intense charge, use a bright direct light source: black light UV-tubes or black light bulbs


-2.2 lb (1kg) sachet.


-water based

-48.5 um @D50

-luminance is 407 mcd/m2

-white color glows green in the dark


-We recommend mix ratios between 20% to 30% glow powder. In general, ratios with more than 30% powder to the mix don’t achieve a more drastically bright glow. Testing various ratios are recommended for commercial and manufacturing purposes.