Neon ink for ink jet printers 6 color set

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  • 10 ml/color
  • 30 ml/color
  • 100 ml/color
  • 1000 ml/color

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Neon ink for ink jet printers 6 color set

Set of 6 fluorescent inks for ink jet printers: black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta  and yellow .Select your size /color above.

Use this ink to fill any refillable ink jet printer cartridge for spectacular, fluorescent, neon color printing.
Prints made with this ink have a regular appearance under natural light, but under ultraviolet (black) light, the prints transform into bold, fluorescent colors, highly visible with a powerful glow . This ink is heat resistant, sun rays resistant and it doesn't evaporate.

Use to:

-create fluorescent posters for clubs, bars, private events

-decorate your own room,

-create fluorescent labels or admission tickets ,

-create ultraviolet (black) light exhibitions,

-personal uv reactive pictures , etc.

Fill the ink into the cartridges as follows :
BLACK ink                  -> Black ink cartridge
CYAN ink                  -> Cyan ink cartridge

LIGHT CYAN ink         -> Light Cyan ink cartridge
MAGENTA ink            -> Magenta ink cartridge

LIGHT MAGENTA ink   -> Light Magenta ink cartridge
YELLOW ink              -> Yellow ink cartridge

NoteThis ink is 100 % compatible with Micro Piezo printheads (recommended for Epson  printers only).

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