Blue invisible fluorescent pigment

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Blue Invisible fluorescent pigment

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Blue Invisible fluorescent pigment


The blue invisible fluorescent pigment is invisible to all kinds of light excepting UV light.
It's guaranteed to impress you by its unicity.
This blue invisible fluorescent pigment can be mixted with paint, lacquers, clear mediums and other water based solutions to make them become red UV fluorescent. For best results it is highly recomended to use clear mediums.

The blue invisible fluorescent pigment works great for creating images, drawings and other hidden texts that can be revealed by a uv lamp only.
Great used for clubs, bars, spacefull halls theatre and even for your own room.

For best results we recomend using UV lamps 365 nm wavelength.

The optim rate of mixture is 10%.

It's is recomended to test the pigment in small amounts of solution to determine the best rate for the mix, depending on the medium that is used (paint, lacquers, clear mediums, etc.)

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