Invisible uv light cyan printer ink

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Invisible uv  light cyan printer ink

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Invisible uv  light cyan printer ink


Use the invisible uv  light cyan printer ink to fill any stamp, marker, pen, inkjet cartridge for a spectacular, invisible color printing or marking. Prints made with the invisible uv  light cyan printer ink are totally invisible under natural light.

Under UV light these prints become not simply visible, but visible in blue color.This ink is heat resistant, sun rays resistant and it doesn't evaporate.


invisible uv  light cyan printer ink uses:

  - secure documents, labels, admission tickets (concerts, clubs, bars, private events); 
  - anti- theft protection, personal pictures, secret messages, etc.

Absolutely invisible under natural light, prints made with theinvisible uv  light cyan printer ink become visible in blue under  UV (ultraviolet) light.You have to see it to believe it !!!

NoteThis ink is 100 % compatible with Micro Piezo printheads (recommended for Epson and Brother printers only).

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