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Non fluorescent, OBA free printing paper


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Non fluorescent A4 OBA free printing paper

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Non fluorescent, OBA free printing paper

The difference between regular printing paper and OBA free printing paper it`s that the regular paper containts white compounds that are added to the printing surface and the purpose it`s to make the paper appear whiter and brighter than they actually are. The "white" effect cannot absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the ambient lighting or UV lamps/bulbs/keychains and re-emitting it through fluorescence, but OBA free one.
It means that the non-fluorescent OBA paper it`suitable for the invisible UV ink printings/markings.

- compatibility: all inkjet printers;
- size: 210x297 mm (A4);
- density: 100g/m2

Use: works great with invisible ink, revealin, clear deep color images.

This price it`s for 100 Sheets !

Available for Europe only !

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